Victory Over Vestibular Migraine

Now in its third edition, Victory Over Vestibular Migraine is the best-selling resource for people with vestibular migraine and their loved ones. This book was written as a guide to help understand vestibular migraine as a whole, focusing on all the symptoms and co-morbid disorders that accompany this common disorder, as well as a comprehensive, holistic action plan on how to manage vestibular migraine that encompasses everything you need to know about vestibular migraine, from medication options, to exercise, nutraceuticals, lifestyle modification, diet, symptom management, trigger identification and avoidance, and planning for the future.

The Migraine Manual

The Migraine Manual discusses the various symptoms of migraine, not only symptoms that occur during migraine attacks but also symptoms that occur in the attack-free periods (e.g., brain fog, motion sickness, sleep difficulties) and co-morbid disorders (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia). The Migraine Manual also discusses the relationship of migraine and vestibular disorders, hormonal changes (menstruation, pregnancy, delivery, and menopause), and other headache disorders. Most importantly, The Migraine Manual discusses comprehensive, holistic treatment strategies for migraine, including selecting the best diet, exercise, nutraceuticals, alternative medical treatments, preventive medications, rescue medications, neuromodulation, and planning for the future.

The Mediterranean Migraine Diet

Written in collaboration with Alicia Wolf (The Dizzy Cook), The Mediterranean Migraine Diet is geared to help people with migraine practice a diet that not only avoids migraine triggers, but also enhances and improves health. Part of the lifestyle of a whole region for thousands of years, the Mediterranean diet is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory conditions, and even certain cancers. Forget unsustainable diet fads, and deprivation! The Mediterranean Migraine diet will help you create a diet that incorporates the amazing health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, while avoiding foods that can aggravate migraine activity.

Vestibular Journal

Many of patients with vestibular disorders wonder about how to keep a record of their history and symptoms. This 12-month Vestibular Journal was created to help people with vestibular disorders, especially vestibular migraine, keep a concise record of their medical history, treatments, possible triggers, and symptom evolution. Instead of having to file a haphazard bunch of papers, this journal can help you organize your history and symptoms in an orderly fashion in one location. This journal is especially useful for those with vestibular migraine, but can also be used for many vestibular disorders, including persistent postural perceptual dizziness (PPPD), mal de debarquement syndrome (MDDS), Meniere’s disease. 


Mal de débarquement syndrome (MdDS) causes sufferers to experience an almost constant rocking, bobbing, or swaying sensation, as if they are trapped on an invisible boat. MdDS was thought of as a rare disorder, but more and more people are being diagnosed with MdDS as awareness and recognition of this condition grows. MdDS can be highly debilitating and affects sufferers’ professional and private lives and is often considered incurable. This book shows you that you can beat MdDS and get your life back. Disembark shows you that remission is very possible.The first part of this book will help you understand the symptoms of MdDS, its relationship to migraine, and why it occurs. The second part will empower you with the tools you need to overcome MdDS. A wide variety of treatment options are discussed, including diet, nutraceuticals, medications, non-pharmacological interventions, cognitive strategies, as well as vestibulo-ocular readaptation therapy.

You can overcome MdDS.