WHat others are saying


"Dr. Beh is a wonderful and caring doctor."

"He is very knowledgeable about all of my vestibular issues and I recommend him to all my friends living with vestibular problems!"

"The visit with Dr. Beh was outstanding and his bedside manner makes a difference in a patient's health care journey."

"You have changed my life. Thank you!"

"Thank you all so much for doing what you do. Those of us with these conditions of MdDS, VM, and PPPD are desperate for knowledgeable and compassionate help. I’ve often felt like I’m on my own, that their is no one who well understands all of these conditions, and that it’s up to me to advocate for myself, somehow put together all of the disparate information out there, and create (through much trial and error) my own treatment plan. Dr. Beh and his staff seem like a God-send. Thank you again."

"Dr. Beh has been by far The best doctor I’ve seen for my chronic dizziness in 32 years!!"

"Thank you as always for your help. Your wealth of knowledge is so very valuable."

"Dr. Beh has that perfect mix you hope for in a physician, but it can be difficult to find; he’s a true expert in his field and also has a highly personable “bedside manner”. So grateful to have found him!"

"Wonderful and caring physician. Excellent patient centered care and collaboration with patient."

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be under the care of Dr. Beh. His expertise in the area of vestibular disorders is amazing and he is very understanding and supportive of the challenges that vestibular patients face."

"Thank you so much for getting me in to see him quickly and for the ease of making the appointments. Especially telehealth appointments are great since I am out of state."

"Prompt responses. Everything is well organized and flowed easily for a great experience."